How to: Meetings with F.U.C.K.

Before you enter:

  • use headphones to avoid echo
  • make sure you have a working headset, you can check if your microphone is working in the jitsi lobby
  • make sure there are no loud background noises (eg. take your cookies out of the rustling plastic packaging)
  • if you can: activate noise reduction on your headset or pc (e.g. noisetorch)
  • you can ask us to help with testing your setup in a separate meeting

For first timers:

  • if there is a new person in the meeting there will be an introduction round where everyone can say a few words about themselves
  • if you join for the first time, ask as many questions about f.u.c.k. as you want, we’ll prioritize those
  • you are now eligible for an invite to our matrix space where we talk about all kinds of stuff and coordinate meetings

In the meeting:

  • please be mindful of the space you’re taking up in the discussion (how much you talk in relation to others)
  • make space for people who are more quiet
  • don’t interrupt people
  • if you feel like you can’t get a word in you can use the “raise hand” button
  • be mindful of topics that might be emotionally sensitive for people (eg. drugs, violence, mental health, climate doom, …) when in doubt, ask if it’s okay for everyone to talk about it
  • you can always (ask to) open up a second room if you want to talk about a sensitive topic or a topic that’s only interesting to parts of the group (eg. niche tech talk)
  • you can always (ask to) open up a second room if you feel like there are too many people in the room (usually we do it when we exceed 6 people)
  • obviously: no discrimination, no screenshots, no condescendig remarks, no feigned surprise etc.
  • ask if it’s okay for everyone if you’re going to drink alcohol (ask again when new people come)
  • don’t be super drunk or super stoned
  • if there is something bothering you, for example a background noise, flashing lights etc. chances are, that you’re not the only one bothered by it and it’s totally okay to ask people if they can make it stop
  • take care of each other. If you get the impression that someone isn’t feeling well at the moment, ask them if they are OK.
  • If you notice a situation that might be uncomfortable for another person or notice any form of discrimination/harassment, or if a situation just seems a bit off to you, you are encouraged to step in and not to just let it happen. What might just seem a bit off to you could be worse for another person.